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Composite Finishing Pro Kit

Cavity preparation, carries removal and Composite contouring, smoothing and polishing.

Designed by Dr. Yuval Wind, Hadassah school

of Dental Medicine / Department of Prosthodontics


Profile Cat. No. Application
A1C Cavity preparation
F1RC Cavity preparation
Z12M Interproximal separation
FG330 Cavity preparation
RA4 Carries removal
RA6 Carries removal
RWA-RDS Interproximal separation
RWA-FL2 Cavity preparation
F1RSF Alpine stone- Composite finishing
K2RSF Alpine stone- Composite finishing
K2RXXF Composite finishing
RCPRA14F Composite finishing
RCPRA14M Composite finishing
RCPRA16F Composite Polishing – spiral rubber Diamond polisher
RCPRA16M Composite Polishing – spiral rubber Diamond polisher
MS-SS-SGL/SF Magic Strip – interproximal polishing
RA-BUFF2.0 Composite Final polishing – felt wheel
DBRA-GOAT Composite Final polishing – goat brush
DA-0.5F-SG Composite polishing – abrasive disc
DA-10C Composite polishing – abrasive disc