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The industry is experiencing a substantial growth in diamond tools need for robots in foundries.
We see today a constant growing demand for high quality electroplated and Vacuum Brazed diamond pins, routers and wheels for cast iron manufacturing.
This demand is increasing as more robots are involved in the production, and as the down-time of the machines is becoming more expensive.
Excellent results on CNC milling for burnt-on-sand.
Strauss & Co. manufactures high quality diamond& CBN grinding tools, and has a vast experience in supplying plated & Brazed Diamond tools for foundries and cast iron manufacturers.




• Reduced Sparks

• Reduced Debris

• No Odor

• Minor Vibrations

• No Breakage

• Minimizing fatigue

to the user due to

minimal vibrations

• Reduces dust load

Conventional abrasives:

• Sparks

• Debris

• Odor

• Vibration

• Breakage