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Medical Applications


Strauss makes both Diamond and CBN plated wheels for machining of various profiles in implant manufacturing – both for Ceramic or Metal implants.


Machining Ceramics is a demanding task. Strauss & Co. enjoy years of experience in manufacturing tools for Grinding ceramics for medical or Dental use.
Mostly these tools are used for milling in ceramic blocks, or for grinding holes in ceramics parts.
Additionally various tools are used to achieve concave or convex shapes.

Medical Round Burs

Various shapes and sizes of both diamond burs and carbide burs.
Custom made burs are available upon request.


Small discs are used for cutting and deburring small components in heart stent manufacturing, as well as in small stainless steel parts.

Diamond Plated Rasps

These special files are used for Nasal surgeries and are known as Nose correction rasps.

Dental Burs

Strauss & Co. is a manufacturer of high quality electro plated diamond tools for industrial and dental use for over 48 years.
Our dental burs are color coded, 100% controlled and carry the CE mark and FDA approval. Our burs are sold in more than 60 countries around the world.
The vast variety of shapes and grits makes it simple for every user to find the needed tool.
Our company is ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certified.

Sterilized Products

Strauss is able to deliver tools for the Medical field pre Sterilized!

Burs For Podiatry

Rotary instruments including diamonds and carbides for podiatry.
These burs are also use for aesthetics and manicure.