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DFS Files

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.'s DFS Files are suitable for hand filing machines as well as regular hand files. Particularly adapted for dies, molds and most other tool shop requirements. For use with reciprocating machines.

Size: Total length 85 mm. Diamond coated length 45 mm. Shank Ø3.0 mm.

ProfileDescripitionSize mm*Cat.No. 
Equalling 4.8x1.4 DFS1
4.8x1.6 DFS11
5.1x1.6 DFS112
Round Ø3.0 DFS2
Half Round 5.1x1.9 DFS3
5.1x2.1 DFS31
Crossing 4.7x2.3 DFS4
Three Square 3.0 DFS5
3.2 DFS51
Square 2.6 DFS6
2.6 DFS61
Warding 5.2x1.5 DFS7

Grit Size:
Standard grit sizes: D91 (#170/200), D126 (#120/140), D181 (#80/100).
Other grit sizes are available upon request.

Tolerance: Length ±3.0 mm. Profile ±0.3 mm.
*Above sizes are for D126. Shank ±0.3 mm.