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RF Files

Description & Use:
STRAUSS & CO.’s Riffle Files are used for grinding different metals, where access by other files is difficult. The wide range allows the user to choose the most suitable file for any given application.

Size: Total length 150 mm. Diamond coated length 2X25 mm.
RF29 - Diamond coated length 2X40 mm.

ProfileSize mm*Cat.No. 
3.8X2.1 RF15
3.7X2.1 RF16
3.1X2.9 RF18
2.6 RF20
2.9 RF22
2.7 RF24
3.2 RF26
3.7X1.8 RF27
4.2X2.0 RF28
5.4X1.7 RF29
Set Cat. No. RFSETP
The RF set includes the following files: RF15, RF18, RF22, RF26, RF28.
Set Cat. No. RFSETA
The RF set includes the following files: RF16, RF18, RF20, RF22, RF24.

Grit Size:
Standard grit sizes: D91 (#170/200), D126 (#120/140), D181 (#80/100).
Other grit sizes are available upon request.

Tolerance: Length ±1.0 mm. Profile ±0.5 mm.
*Above sizes are for D126.